Catheter Braiding Machine

Our Catheter Braiding Machine is designed for the production of braid-reinforced catheter shaft which has applications in:  

  • Interventional Vascular, 
  • Neurovascular, Electrophysiology, 
  • Endo-surgery, 
  • Diagnostic,
  • and other minimally invasive applications.

With the Schneider control system,  our braiding machine provides our customers best in class braiding solution which improves the functionality of a catheter shaft by improving pushability, stiffness, torque response, flexibility, kink, and pressure resistance.

Braiding Material:

  • Wire (round and flat):  Stainless Steel, Copper, Niti, Titanium, Platinum, Cobalt-Chromium, etc.
  • Fibers:  Nylon, Polyester, Dyneema, Kevlar, Vectran, Speectra, PET, PEN, PP, PEEK, etc.

Material size:   starts from Φ 0.0125mm/0.0005”.

Braiding PPI:   10-300 PPI, up to 10 segments variable PPI braiding with continuous or step change.

Braiding Machine

Braiding Machine Specifications:

Model MB-16A1WG Spindle M1
Number of spindles 16 Bobbin volume 27cc
Voltage/power 220v/2kw Control panel 7 inch touch screen
Table speed 300 rpm Core diameter ≤10 mm
Output 600 Picks/min Braiding Pattern 1×2, 2×2, 1×1 (half load, 8 carriers)

Other Models:

ModelNumber of CarriersVoltage/powerTable SpeedOutput
MB-24A1WG24220V / 2KW300 rpm600 Picks/min
MB-32A1WG32220V /3KW300 rpm600 Picks/min
MB-48A1WG48220V /3KW300 rpm600 Picks/min
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