MB Medical Braider is your partner for all braiding
products in medical device industry

Our Markets

MB Medical Braider is the industry leader in The Field of medical braiding technology.

Our braiding machine applications cover all the braiding fields in medical products and device.

Our Products include:

Braiding Applications

>Braided Sutures with all specifications, Braided suture loop,etc.

>Braided reinforced tubing: Mirco catheter, Arteriography catheter,  Guiding catheter, Diagnostic Peripheral Catheters,etc.

>Braided stent and occluders: Flow Diversion Stent, Biliary Stent, Esophageal Stent, Coronary Stent, etc.

Braided Suture

Braided Reinforced Catheter

Braided Stent and Occluder

Upcoming Events

Join Us at MD&M East, Jun 9-11, 2020

MB Medical Braider  Products are attending MD&M East 2020.
Learn more about the conference taking place in New York,  by visiting https://mdmwest.mddionline.com/

Visit us at Booth #1560

to schedule an appointment at the conference.

We hope to see you there!


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